Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Acme Consultants philosophy is to provide equal and fair opportunity to candidates who are not charged other than the agreed amount in tandem to the client directions to ensure deployment of quality workers.

As we firmly believe that good worker does not buy his job. This Philosophy makes us stand apart from others.

Transparent Process

Transparency and clarity of the complete gamut of recruitment process makes agency and candidates lives smooth and easier as the selected candidates are informed about the client, nature of work and its expectations. We also ensure that candidates not only fulfills all the set criteria laid by client and our team of recruiters but also has right attitude towards the job.

Direct deal with the candidates

Presently we are operating from 3 offices across India, headquartered at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India which enables us to deal directly with the candidates. We don’t employ and entertain sub-agents as that may jeopardise the complete recruitment drive. This policy attracts high quality candidates who are charged as per norms laid by Govt of India in tandem to client issued directives.


Each selected candidate undergoes through the pre-joining session by us, through which we make the candidate aware of the law of land to which he will be deployed, labour laws & Company Integrated Policies, Health and Safety Guidelines and other working ethics at sites.