We have curated this privacy statement keeping in mind the information collected in Acme Consultants website. By reading this policy, you will get to know the personal information and we will in turn have your record of your visits and sessions, however, your identity will remain anonymous. We have a registration form which will include your name and email address. We will send you notifications of all updates and changes made in the website. Your personal information is also required in order to send you notifications with regard to new openings or activities as we find it mandatory being anonhire firm. All your information will be secured with us and will not be shared unless it is requested by a third party.


The website is solely responsible for all the information and data contained in it. We have security measures to protect against any loss, misuse or alteration of the information. We protect all our data and information through a system that prohibits unlawful access.

The information that we collect from our clients are basically their contact details, types of recruitments, job titles, HR recruitment person name.

And the basic information from the job seekers that is extracted is their contact details, curriculum vitae, banking details etc.

We have an unsubscribe option whenever you feel you don’t want to be a part of our services or you don’t want to share the information asked by us. However, we collect all the basic information and put it out on the website just to understand your requirements and tally them with the recruiters, clients or referrals. Likewise, the clients interested in your profile benefit by knowing you better before stepping forward to contact you.

For job seekers, there are four ways through which we can collect your information.
1. Through the registration form you fill up for making an account in the website or it will be asked in an email to you.
2. Through chat or interview taken.
3. Through the recruitment process.
4. Through your social media accounts, your publicly present information.

For the clients, the information will be collected
1. Through the emails sent by you.
2.Through the recruitment procedure.
3. Through all your social media or publicly present information.

Under no circumstances, your information will be disclosed without you being informed and unconsented. Only in lawful cases where your information is required under legal purposes, we will disclose the information to the clients or referees for the screening purposes.

In cases where you feel that your personal information is not private or is being leaked or is out of dated, you may contact us directly in writing. We will take all necessary measures to find out the glitch and try to resolve the matter maintaining confidentiality throughout.