Oil & Gas

The Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries have been our core service areas for over a decade.. We are recognized as the leading provider of personnel in this industry in South-East Asia. We have recruited personnel for many large petrochemical projects across the Middle East and Africa. Our team of engineers understands the intricate requirements of petrochemical projects.


We have supported some of the largest Civil Engineering projects executed across the Middle East and South Asia . In terms of project size, we have been involved in a full spectrum of projects, ranging from Dams, Skyscrapers and Railway systems to housing community projects. Our experience in the civil segment is unique and we have the capability to locate and deliver the highest quality civil engineering resources.

Some of the most renowned Infrastructure Companies depend on us for their human resource requirements. We have the capability to support clients across the entire lifecycle of a Infrastructure project - from construction to maintenance. Our assessment team members have extensive experience in the Infrastructure recruitment field and have the capability to locate the most suitable resources for the specific needs of our clients.

Operations and Maintenance Industry

We have been supporting majors companies dealing with the operation and maintenance of power plants, EPC & MEP projects, Aiport Facilities,Building Maintenance,Water Projects,Park, Museum and Schools,Custodial Services and Pest Control, Electronic and Subsytems etc in KSA, OMAN,KUWAIT, BAHRAIN & UAE.

Shipping & Logistics

We are leaders when it comes to provide the skilled manpower to run the lifeline of any business ,i,e Shipping & Logistics,our major clients are: Mash Pro Shipping & Logistics Pvt Ltd,BAFCO and Logistics Co ltd, DHL,Arabco, Al Khodari Sons & LV Shipping Logistics Ltd, Four Winds etc.


We have been providing unskilled and skilled manpower to clients of repute in KSA,OMAN, KUWAIT, BAHRAIN & UAE, since we know where to get the exact manpower related to Ware-Housing.Some of our clients are Wareed Ware-Housing,United Ware-House, Al-Jabri Logistics,etc.

Information Technology

A special team of recruiters are dedicated for this segment whose primary job is to locate the best skilled technical and non-technical to the everincreasing market of IT. We have been serving many of the new entrants in this sector in GCC , particularly in KSA & Bahrain.

Chemical & Petrochemical

Chemical & Petroleum the backbone of GCC is the most difficult sector to fill with the manpower of expertise to which our team of recruiters responds brilliantly as round the year we keep our database updated and relavant, have conducted countless recruitment drives for many of our clients.